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GPS navigation systems are now a integral part of our day to day commuting but as many might have noticed the new developments in the areas are somtimes not shown while navigation. The updates in the areas are accumalated and released by the GPS manufacturers from time to time. These updates are needed to be downloaded and loaded into your navigation system units. This is a guide for all major devices to help them update the GPS devices themselves.

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The GPS update process

The GPS update process is designed to be effortless by all the leading manufactures. Once you connect the device you should see the update application on the screen showing your device. So, first of all check for updates. Secondly, download the required updates to the computer.Thirdly, the updates will be need to be transferred into the navigation system

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Check for updates
Download the Updates
Transfer the updates

Types of GPS devices

The process to update your GPS navigation system will depend on the type of navigation device you have. Below is a list of the popular type of navigation systems and the process to update theme

Automotive GPS

To update a portable navigation system unit then connect it with the computer using the USB.

Trucking GPS

If you have a portable trucking device then connect it to the computer using the USB cable.

Avionics GPS

To update your Avionics GPS you will need to connect the old SD card to perform the updates.

Integrated GPS

If you want to update your In-Dash navigation system connect the SD card with latest maps.

Adventure GPS

To update your handheld GPS connect it to the computer using USB and download latest maps.

Golf Watch GPS

You will need the USB clip connecter to connect and update the information of the latest golf courses.

Automotive Dashcam

Conenct your Dashcam with the USB cable and download the latest software and maps.

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If you are unsure about the type of GPS you have you can reach us anytime for any assistance

Step by Step update guide

Feel free to refer our detailed step by step guide to update the navigation system just simply click on the link below to browse and keep your GPS navigation system up to date with the latest maps data .

Detailed Step by Step guide

Step By Step GPS update Guide

Step 1 - Connect the GPS

Your computer needs essential information such the the GPS unit it to check for updates for that connect the GPS using the cable or USB connector with the computer,if you have a fixed navigation system then you may required to purchase the SD card with the latest maps.

Step 2 - Download the Updates

Once, your computer recognises the GPS the update software will check for the updates. You will need to click on the download button. If your GPS device didn't come with free lifetime maps then you may need to make a map purchase to continue with this step

Step 3 - Transfer the updates

Once the updates are downloaded you will be need to transfer the updates onto the device. Always make sure that the device is charge and that it doesn't get's disconnected during the update process.

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